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Localized Cryotherapy For Migraine Relief

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March 31, 2022

The idea behind cryotherapy for migraine relief is that the cold (typically between -120° and -160° degrees) triggers a physiological response in the body. While often thought of as a whole-body treatment, it can also be used as a localized treatment. Here it causes blood vessels to constrict, reduces blood flow and slows down the transmission of pain signals to the brain providing migraine relief.

Jennifer booked her first session at Coeur Cryo in Coeur d'Alene and we walked her through the entire treatment. Owner and Cryotherapy expert Susan Kellner said, “When Jennifer came in, she was suffering from a very debilitating migraine. We gave her a localized treatment which involved applying extreme cold therapy to the back of her neck and head using our T-Elephant cryotherapy machine. Sure it's cold, but it's completely painless."

“In fact, right after the first session, she experienced a significant reduction in pain, and it’s continued to get even better. She used to come in twice a week for treatments, which turned into once a week, then every two weeks, and now it’s once every three weeks because she doesn’t need it as often.”

Jennifer is now experiencing longer-term benefits, “After five sessions, I noticed that after getting migraines probably once a week, I’d get migraines only once or twice a month, which is such a significant change from what I had experienced in the past.”

She added that the improvements are giving her quality of life a significant boost. Where frequent migraines used to mean she used to miss out on social gatherings or had to give up her favorite foods and drink knowing they would leave her suffering, now her life is returning to normal and "missing out" is becoming the rarity rather than the norm.

Migraines are very debilitating and it can dramatically affect your quality of life,” Susan said, the owner of Coeur Cryo. "As a long term sufferer of migraines myself, I can understand the desperation to find a solution that not only helps in the moment but also over the long term”.

Jennifer said of the Cryotherapy team at Coeur Cryo: “I’d like to thank Susan for all of the hard work that she does, and for providing a solution to something that has definitely affected my quality of life because this has really improved it. This is definitely something that I’m going to continue."

Localized Cryotherapy And Migraine Relief

Typical Localized Cryotherapy treatments last around 5-10 minutes, are completely painless and quite refreshing. They can significantly reduce pain of a migraine in process or if done close to when you get any type of aura or twinkling, can prevent the migraine from happening at all. Regular use of the Localized Cryotherapy has often helped to reduce the amount of migraines over time. If you would like to learn more about Localized Cryotherapy, please give us a call at 208-449-7671 or read more about it HERE.

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