Susan Kellner

With 20+ years in Customer Service and over a decade as a business owner & entrepreneur; I am passionate about proven preventative health therapies & modalities. My desire to provide a high end, concierge customer experience at an affordable price is what drove me to open Coeur Cryo. I love providing modern health technology previously reserved for the "elite" or "wealthy", to the every day health-conscious consumer. A health crisis several years ago prompted an intense belief in the necessity of caring for your system (internal & external) BEFORE your "check engine light comes on". Don't wait for a health problem to rear it's ugly head, be proactive with your health because you, and everyone around you DESERVES IT!
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Mary Beth Benvenuto

Clinic Manager
Bio Coming Soon

Dr. Carrie Phillips

Medical Director
Meet our Medical Director, Dr. Carrie Phillips! Dr Phillips has a passion for unconventional medicine. She discovered the wonders of Naturopathic Medicine while in college and knew she had found her calling. Her family’s nursing legacy inspired her to help others, but she wanted to do it in her own unique way.
Owner of Blue Spark Health - offering virtual services via Zoom Healthcare Platform to all Coeur Cryo clients.

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