Sinuitis Is Caused By Inflammation

As the cold and flu season descend upon us, everyone is worried about sinus infections….Sinus infections, or sinusitis as it is technically called, are caused by a viral or bacterial infection (i.e. a cold, virus or flu). Our bodies attempt to overcome the foreign intruder by increasing inflammation in the sinuses, where the virus or bacteria lives—the problem is that this acute inflammation more often than not turns into chronic inflammation leading to sinus infections and sinusitis. Anyone who has dealt with this condition understands that it is unpleasant, and painful and can lead to work and school absences (not to mention antibiotics which carry along with them an additional host of problems!).

Reducing sinus inflammation is the key to avoiding these infections. Whole body and local cryotherapy reduce inflammation throughout the body, including in the hard-to-reach sinuses! Better yet…stay healthy this winter as cryotherapy has been shown to increase immunity to colds, viruses, and the flu.  Prevention is the best medicine…but if you do get sick, controlling the inflammation is the key to getting better faster!

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