Styku® 3D Body Composition Scanner

Styku body scanner provides extract measurements, shape, body composition,
and other insights relevant to your gender, age, health, and physical fitness.

What Is a Styku®?

CoeurCryo has revolutionized health assessment by employing cutting-edge technology. Utilizing advanced computer vision and artificial intelligence, we can now comprehensively scan your entire body. Our innovative Styku body scanner stands as the world's largest 3D body scanning system, boasting an unparalleled, vast dataset. With this remarkable tool, our mission is to empower individuals to enhance their well-being and lifestyle significantly. By harnessing the power of 3D scans, we provide deep insights into your current health status, potential health risks, and overall physical fitness. Our aim is to guide you towards a healthier future, using powerful visual tools that unravel the mysteries of your body.

How Does a Styku Body Scanner Work?

Experience the future of body scanning with Styku, a state-of-the-art, contactless, and autonomous system designed to revolutionize how you understand your body. Equipped with an integrated medical-grade scale and DEXA (X-ray) scanning capabilities, Styku offers precise 2D/3D before and after visuals from every angle. Delve into the depth of your body's composition through our comprehensive report, revealing over 100 body measurements, detailed body fat percentages, fat mass, lean mass, bone mass, bone density, and more.

Our Styku system isn't just a scanner; it's your personalized fitness companion. In collaboration with our Certified Styku Coach, the built-in coaching tools translate your goals into specific daily consumption and expenditure levels, guiding you on your fitness journey.

During your session, you'll step onto the platform and, with arms outstretched, stand still for a mere few seconds. Using advanced infrared imaging technology, Styku captures millions of data points swiftly and non-invasively, creating a detailed 3D representation of your body. The process is fast, efficient, and remarkably accurate.

Wear snug athletic attire, fitted undergarments, or even embrace your natural self – Styku respects your privacy, ensuring a comfortable and discreet scanning experience. Embrace the future of body analysis with Styku, where precision meets privacy, providing you with unparalleled insights into your body composition.
Styku Body Scanner at CoeurCryo. Start your fitness journey with a body assessment.

What you will get with a Styku body scan:

  • Full body measurements accurate within the millimeter (Styku is rated "Best In Class" for accuracy). Measurements are done on both sides of the body.
  • Body Fat % including Fat Mass along with percentages and pounds of Android Fat, Gynoid Fat, Visceral Fat & Subcutaneous Fat.
  • Lean Mass % including Lean Mass in pounds.
  • Body Density, Volume, Total Area & surface area of legs, arms, head and torso.
  • Waist-Hip Ratio with instant evaluation according to the World Health Organization.
  • Bust-Hip Ratio
  • Bust-Waist Ratio
  • Bone Mass and Bone Density (using hospital grade DEXA (DXA) technology)
  • Body composition ranking for age and gender based on Mayo Clinic research.
  • Ability to take your goal and plug it into the STYKU calendars giving you exact BMR, calorie requirements, and exercise frequency/type requirements in order to realize that goal. Styku will also give you an estimated date that you will achieve that goal. 
  • Full health Risk Analysis including risk levels for Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, Respiratory Disease and All Other Diseases.
  • Access to a Risk Reduction Calculator with information on how to reduce any current risks.

Resources & Research

Clinically-Applicable Optical Imaging Technology for Body Size and
2 Shape Analysis: Comparison of Systems Differing in Design


Predict Health Risks and Fitness Level with 3D Screens

The Styku 3D body scanning technology not only gives you a hyper-accurate reading of your key measurements and fitness status, but it also helps you make you make adjustments that will allow you to live your best life and thrive!

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